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Review By Erin

Let me start by saying Wow! These products are truly amazing!  My skin is the worst skin ever and IS so sensitive that I am sure it's allergic to itself! LOL!  If you have ever had someone tell you to try this stuff.....DO IT! DON'T WASTE TIME! SKIN ISSUES OR NOT!
I have rosacea on my face and it is so dry, red, itchy and full of impurities all the time. This is completely embarrassing and honestly brings people down when they have to deal with this everyday. At least it did for me. It did not matter what medication, painful laser therapy or products I tried or even how much product I could possibly apply to my face; I was still dry, itchy, red and always had impurities.
I have been using these products for 1 month now and my face is much less red, much more hydrated, minor itches occur and most of all minor impurities occur now. Now I can actually put on make-up and it doesn't look like I have peeling snake skin or giant lumps of impurities to cover up with pounds of concealer. The products I am using daily are the Hydrating Face Tonic, Renewal Face Oil Serum, the Seabuckthorn Face Cream, Coffee Berry Eye Cream and the Hydrating Milk Cleanser. 
At first you may use more of the product but as time passes you will need to use less and less. It really improves your skin that much!  On top of the rosacea I have been diagnosed with guttate psoriasis which I have all over my body. I was given hydrocortisone cream with 2.5% steroid in it to treat this. Every time I put that stuff on; my psoriasis would get really red and very itchy which made me very irritated of course. I stopped using this after applying it twice and moved onto the Lavender and Rose Goat Milk Body Cream. I figured that if my face got so much better using those products that maybe my body would too.
I have been using this all over my entire body for about a week and a half. My skin is much less itchy, much less red and the majority of my psoriasis has improved or even gone away. My skin is hydrated and has had no reactions to this at all. I call this Miracle cream! I can now wear a T-Shirt without feeling like people will be staring at me or thinking I have some disease because let's face it; there is nothing nice looking about psoriasis. 
Shanna's products have not only improved my skin inside and out but they have changed the way I see myself. I am starting to see the old me again and there is nothing better than that!
These products are the greatest products I have used in a very long time!
Thank You Shanna  For Making These Amazing Products!!