Naturally Mediterranean

Lavender is naturally a Mediterranean plant & native to this region. The best Lavender truly thrives in the Mediterranean with little effort and as a result the plants, oils & flowers are by far the most superior in the world making it a prized ingredient.  Lavender is not native to North America and can be a little difficult to grow as a successful long-term crop in certain regions especially if your goal is to produce high quality organic oil to use in cosmetics.  Of course it is possible to grow Lavender in North America successfully which is wonderful to enjoy the beautiful blooms in summer but it really isn't the same as True Native Lavender from the Mediterranean.

From our personal experience growing Lavender in Muskoka, the best grown Lavender's prefer specific growing conditions similar to the Mediterranean climate which give the plant its superior & unique healing properties.  The harsh Canadian winters can be very detrimental to growing superior Lavender as major plant damage & even plant death is a regular occurrence as many have experienced in this region.

As native Muskokans, Lavender farmers, Lavender Connoisseurs & Passionate Cosmetic Creationists, incorporating the highest quality ingredients in our handmade Muskoka products have always been of the utmost importance.  With this in mind, we are very excited to say we have chosen to purchase & cultivate farm land of our very own in the Mediterranean region so we can grow the highest quality lavender to incorporate in all of our local handmade products.  From the planting, growing, harvesting & oil production.

It is our joy to be able to produce & share one of the best quality Lavender ingredients in the world so all can enjoy the many amazing benefits that true native Lavender has to offer.  It is a rare privilege to be able to grow true native organic lavender on our slice in the Mediterranean to love up here in Muskoka and beyond.