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Naturally Mediterranean

Lavender is naturally a Mediterranean plant & native to the Mediterranean region. The best plants truly thrive in their natural habitats with minimal effort.  Lavender plants grown in their native environment including the oils extracted from these plants are by far the most superior in the world.  Lavender is not native to North America and can be somewhat difficult to grow in colder regions as a successful long-term crop.   In regions where the weather is much colder like in Northern Ontario, it can be especially difficult to grow thriving Lavender especially for prized oil as each year the weather varies depending on the season.  One bad winter can wipe out an entire crop and many mature plants sadly.  Of course, it is possible to grow certain Lavender's in Northern Ontario like English Lavender's, and we certainly have and still do but it most definitely is a "labor of love" and amending the growing conditions is essential and involve's extensive labor, time and considerable care. 

From our experience growing Lavender in Muskoka, we have found it personally to be quite involved and tedious.  After several years of growing Lavender and examining a variety of Lavender plants in different growing conditions all over the world, we have come to realize that the best grown Lavender's prefer specific growing conditions similar to that of the Mediterranean climate.  This of course makes complete sense being that Lavender is originally a Mediterranean plant.  And after having had the opportunity to grow Lavender first hand in both regions, we must agree that the plant prefers the Mediterranean and indeed does thrive in this climate.  The harsh Canadian winters can be very detrimental to growing superior Lavender as major plant damage & even plant death or disease is a regular occurrence.  Many North American lavender farmers including ourselves have had this experience in this region.

As native Muskokans, Lavender farmers, connoisseurs & cosmetic creationists, incorporating the highest quality ingredients in our Muskoka handmade products is of the utmost importance.  With this in mind, we are very excited to say we have purchased & now cultivated farm land of our very own in the Mediterranean region.   We now have a mature crop of Mediterranean Lavender that we personally grow and manage and will begin producing our own organic Lavender oil to incorporate in all of our local handmade products.

It is our joy to be able to produce & share one of the best quality Lavender ingredients in the world so all can enjoy the many amazing benefits that true native Lavender has to offer.  It is a rare privilege to be able to grow true native organic lavender in the Mediterranean to love up here in Muskoka and beyond.