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About Us

Muskoka Lavender was born in 2013 after we fell in love with and bought a picturesque piece of land set in the midst of an ancient Muskoka pine, spruce and oak forest. 

Soon after we settled in, we worked hard to cultivate the land and decided to plant it with over 1600 lavender plants, all of course by hand. We laboured & toiled for years and despite the plentiful Muskoka bugs & cold icy winters, we achieved our goal and enjoyed our first small Muskoka Lavender harvest in 2016.  

Although we adore and cherish Muskoka’s stunning scenery and landscape, we found it is rather "a labour of love" growing Lavender in the North.  With our focus more on the art of creating unique natural cosmetics and after several years of Lavender farming in Muskoka, a new & exciting opportunity to grow native Lavender in it's natural habitat was presented to us.  We now would be able to grow native lavender on our very own a piece of farm land in the Mediterranean.  We are thrilled as our deep love of plants including Lavender has lead us to a new unique height.  We are now able to create beautiful handmade Muskoka products using native organic lavender from our land.

Both our land in the Mediterranean and our family's land in Muskoka are very special properties that we are greatly privileged to enjoy & share with others. We’re often awed by the natural beauty of nature including the birds, flowers, trees and animals we come across (and Muskoka has a lot of wildlife). We’ve truly come to adore both of these one-of-a-kind slices of land, lovingly dubbing them "Where The Mediterranean Meets Muskoka!".

As well as our organic native lavender crop, we have a wide selection of wild organic local Muskoka medicinal plants and flowers growing in abundance on the land including blackberries, raspberries, cherry trees, fiddle heads, red clover, wild mint, evening primrose, chickweed, parsley, wild rose, mullein, geranium, rhubarb, plantain, milkweed, yarrow, and many more wonderful healing plants that are beneficial to the body and soul.

In addition, we lovingly develop unique and original natural cosmetic formulas by hand with some of these prized natural ingredients.