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Our Skincare

Our skincare journey began over 15 years ago after years of personal struggle trying to find sustainable natural skincare solutions that worked.  Coupled with our love of plants, lavender & skincare we saw an opportunity & a need to create beautiful natural products in our local community that everyone could benefit from & enjoy. 

Incorporating some of these precious plant properties & lavender in each unique original formula we are increasingly conscious of their incredible qualities and have been inspired to create and share their healing, soothing and almost mythical skincare properties with the wider world.

We tested various skincare formulas, fascinated as each step of the process revealed just how phenomenal lavender truly is, from its antiseptic, analgesic, sedative and even cytophylactic (the generation of new cells) properties. Finally we came up with formulations we were happy with and Muskoka Lavender skincare was born.

Since that initial batch, we have expanded to an array of botanical teas, tinctures and salves all created from 100% natural ingredients and packed with plant power. Each of our product formulations are authentic and original works of art, created with a touch of lavender and handmade in Muskoka.

All of our skin care products are paraben free, SLS Free, gluten free and made with natural, organic and locally grown ingredients. They’re also free of harsh chemicals and fragrances. Our collection of skincare products includes creams, serums, exfoliants, soaps, tonics, masks, fragrances and face cleansers. We also produce lavender inspired gift-sets, sachets, essential oils and lavender infused gift cards designed to offer moments of pure bliss, rejuvenation and well-being.

Our customers are the best social proof - after using Muskoka Lavender products, they found that their skin was softer, smoother and deeply refreshed.

‘After years of dry skin, I have finally found the answer to my skincare’ - Debbie

‘Your products have not only improved my skin inside and out but they have changed the way I see myself.’ - Erin

We continually delight in hearing how much the stunning Muskoka landscape we live in and the bounty it produces touches so many lives, one skincare product at a time.