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A Rich History

Our rich story begins in mid 1800’s in the ancient forest groves of Muskoka in central Ontario, a stunning landscape boasting a perfectly balanced climate; overflowing with birds, flowers, trees and animals all living in natural harmony. Back in the 1860s, the desire for land, coupled with the district's rich timber resources, compelled the Canadian government to institute The Free Grants and Homesteads Act that gave 100 acres of land to anyone who would build a house and clear 15 of them within five years. Farmers flocked to the area to take advantage of the offer and our property was probably one of the first to be cleared by hand in the region. In time, the area became a vibrant commercial and agricultural center.

Today Muskoka is an enchanting place, a land of spectacular granite outcroppings, fascinating wildlife, shimmering lakes and stunning scenery. Muskoka is bathed in plenty of sunshine in the summer and is full of beautiful vast forests of spruce, pine, maple, poplar, tamarack, balsam and birch that thrive in the most spectacular of scenic vistas. This evocative landscape draws thousands including celebrities to the shores of its lakes during the warm months. The region also enjoys picturesque snowfalls in winter turning into a white playground and romantic escape that never ceases to amaze.  

Thanks to those hard working farmers of old who unknowingly created an incredible blank canvas for the future, we've had the privilege to carefully craft an array of beautifully unique handmade cosmetics from nature's playground which we dedicate to the beauty of this stunning landscape which has still to unveil all its secrets.