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How To Protect Lavender in The Snow

Here are a few tips on protecting your beautiful Lavender Babies in the Cold Canadian Winter for Zones 5 and below!

Firstly, you need to ensure you purchase Lavender varieties that are winter hardy for your zone.  I’ve heard of many people purchasing the wrong variety and they wonder why, come spring, their lavender babies are dead.

Second, you want to plant the young Lavender baby right in the ground preferably on a south facing slope and in a small raised bed.  Lavender is an evergreen shrub with a shallow root system.  And since the ground is warmer than a raised bed, and better protection for the shallow root system, it’s best if you can create something in between. Lavender is a drought tolerant plant and prefers to be dry, so you want to ensure good drainage.  A slope or small raised bed would help ensure the plant has good drainage and stays dry and happy.

Third, it is important to cover your Lavender plants (zone 5 and below) with winter protection.  Being that Lavender is an evergreen shrub, these plants are susceptible to winter burn and have a hard time fighting the natural winter elements.  A white breathable landscape fabric or white bucket with a hole on top is ideal as it allows the plant to go dormant.

If you implement some of the following suggestions you will have a much better success rate of overwintering your Lavender in colder zones!  Currently, we’ve been monitoring specific varieties with and without winter protection in our zone and have seen a dramatic difference in overall plant health.

Happy growing:-)