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How To Plant Lavender For Success

1.  Lavender requires good drainage.  You need to plant Lavender in well-drained soil for it to thrive.

2.  Lavender requires full-sun.  Lavender plants will not thrive in partial sun or shade as they need plenty of sunlight (minimum 6-8hours per day).

3.  Lavender prefers sandy loam soil.  Which is a combination of sand and rich soil.  If you have clay soil, it should be amended as Lavender will eventually die in this type of soil as the drainage is poor.

4.  The soil should have a Ph of approximately 7.  Neutral soil is best for Lavender or possibly even a little Alkaline is ok too.  If your soil is more acidic, you can amend it with Lime.

5.  Feeding Lavender with fertilizers throughout the season isn’t necessary as it is a low maintenance plant.  However, when you first plant your little Lavender baby, you can add some fertilizer, bone meal and manure along with rich superior soil to your plant hole.  Make sure you mix everything together well before hand.  This will ensure the roots gets the nutrients they need to become established.  Then you must monitor, water, and care for your plant a few times daily for the first 4 weeks.  After that care will become less and less.

6.  Watering Lavender can be tricky, but still easy.  Depending on your location, you may never need to water your plants.  Although in some areas where rain is sparse and heat is prevalent, then you will need to get to know your plants and find out what is lacking or noticeable (water, soil, sun, disease, sun, etc.) and proceed accordingly.  A good indication your plants are getting sick is by the way they look.  They should be green and healthy, not wilting and brown.  It’s best to water Lavender first thing in the morning or at night and they prefer a good soaking once every couple of days or so (as they mature).

7.  Pruning your Lavender isn’t really necessary in the first year, but I do it:) However, it is essential in the second year as this will train your plant to grow nicely and produce beautiful flowers.  Pruning your plant will also ensure your plants last and don’t become overly woody and spindly.  The best time to prune your Lavender is in early spring and early fall.  It really depends on the climate and the variety of Lavender plant you have.   The best way to prune is by taking a pair pruning shears and trimming the tips forming a ball shape.  Like your giving the little plant a hair cut.  You don’t want to trim off too much, just above the woody growth would be ideal.

Happy Growing!:)