Flower to Cup - The Best Way to Make Healthy Tea From Flowers

“The making of herbal tea is a fine art, but it is also blessedly simple. If you’ve never cooked a thing in your life, trust me, you can make a good cup of medicinal tea. All you really need is a quart jar with a tight-fitting lid, the selected herbs, and water that has reached the boiling point.

Herbal teas can be drunk hot, at room temperature or iced. They can be made into ice cubes with fresh fruit and flowers and used to flavor festive holiday punches. They’re delicious blended with fruit juice and frozen as pops for children.

After brewing, a herbal tea should be stored in the refrigerator. Left at room temperature for several hours, it will go “flat,” get tiny bubbles in it and begin to sour. Stored in the refrigerator, an herbal tea will be good for three to four days.

I seldom direct people to make medicinal teas by the cupful. It is impractical and time-consuming. Instead, make a quart of tea each morning or in the evening after work. The herb-to-water ratio varies depending on the quality of herbs used, whether they are fresh or dried (use twice as much fresh herb in a recipe), and how strong you wish the finished tea to be. I generally use 1 to 3 tablespoons of herb(s) for each cup of water, or 4 to 8 tablespoons of herb per quart of water, depending on the herb.

For a medicinal tea to be effective, it must be administered in small amounts several times daily. For chronic problems, serve the tea three or four times daily. For acute ailments such as colds, fevers and headaches, take several small sips every 30 minutes until the symptoms subside.”
-Rosemary Gladstar

How to Make Herbal Infused Tea

Infusions are made from the more delicate parts of the plant, including the leaves, flowers and aromatic parts. These fragile plant parts must be steeped rather than simmered because they give up their medicinal properties more easily than do the tougher roots and barks.

To make an infusion, simply boil 1 quart of water per ounce of herb (or 1 cup of water to 1 tablespoon of herb). Pour water over the herb(s) and let steep for 30 to 60 minutes. The proportion of water to herb and the required time to infuse varies greatly, depending on the herb. Start out with the above proportions and then experiment. The more herb you use and the longer you let it steep, the stronger the brew. Let your taste buds and your senses guide you.


Our Freshly Picked Lavender Garden Tea Bouquet

This wonderfully unique Lavender Garden Tea Bouquet is a perfect introduction for tea lovers into the exciting process of growing and producing your own freshly picked tea. Created and freshly picked by hand on our little farm in Muskoka, this Lavender Garden Tea Bouquet is filled with a beautiful and fragrant variety of Local Organic English Lavender, Mint, Red Clover, Daisy & Yarrow and makes a special and enduring gift.  Once you arrive at home, you can brew up a fresh infused tea or once it has finished its bloom and made a beautiful display for your home, it can be turned into a delicious tea! This unique gift is perfect for both horticulturists and those who are keen to learn more about the journey from flower to cup.