Frost Protek Floating Garden Bed Cover -10 feet by 15 feet -Garden Fabric for Protection and Insulation

Frost Protek Floating Garden Bed Cover -10 feet by 15 feet -Garden Fabric for Protection and Insulation

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Brand: Frost Protek

Color: Light Sage Green


  • START STRONGER...GROW LONGER. Floating Garden Bed Cover is designed for plant protection during the growing season. Provides greenhouse effect to give seedlings and transplants a strong start.
  • Weather protection from light frost, cool nights, wind, and heavy rain. Organic pest protection from birds, rabbits, squirrels, insects, and more.
  • Lightweight breathable fabric allows air and UV light to reach plants. No need to remove each morning and replace each evening. It will not damage plants.
  • Fabric is non-woven polypropylene, which is used by commercial growers for plant protection. Fabric weight is 0.9 ounce and protects to about 26 degrees Fahrenheit. Reuse season after season.
  • 98% POSITIVE REVIEWS by members of the National Home Gardening Club. Read more in the Product Description below.

Warranty: simply contact us. more details can be found on the manufacturer's website.,frost protek bases our business on the quality of our products. if you're not happy with anything you buy from us

Details: PLANTS START STRONGER and GROW LONGER. Use EARLY SEASON to transition plants from the greenhouse to the yard and get a strong start. Use MID-SEASON to protect from wind and storms. Use LATE SEASON to extend the growing season and maximize your crop yield and enjoy your decorative plantings. Protect tomatoes, annuals, berries, citrus, vegetables, flowering shrubs, and more. For IN-GROUND PLANTING BED - RAISED BED - SMALL TREE - SHRUB. Easily drape over plants and secure as needed with rocks, clamps, or similar item. Also use underneath berries, tomatoes, and other produce to keep fruit clean and protect from insects in soil. Floating Garden Bed Cover size is 10 feet by 15 feet. Covers 150 square feet. For smaller areas, cut to size; fabric does not ravel. Fabric color is light sage green. Reusable and recyclable. Washable. Air dries quickly.

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